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Ana Maria Rodriguez - Founder

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Accountant Ana Maria Rodriguez

Accountant Ana María Rodriguez - Histiocytosis Patient

It's been a week since you left, and we're all thinking about how not to miss you, it's impossible, every time an issue to deal with arises, a problem to face, a patient to talk to, it's recurring “any would have said, any would have done, any, ……


It's been so long since we talked for the first time that I don't even remember when it was, but no less than 12 years, like all desperate parents, you knew how to give us support and peace of mind to face the path to follow.

Today we are not alone. Those of us who remain have a responsibility, the responsibility is to take care of what you taught us. I'll tell you anyway, you left very quickly, just when you were going to start giving us daily classes, just when you were starting to have your time to enjoy what you wanted to do so much, what you dreamed of.

If we have anything left to reproach you with, is that you always did everything for everyone.

In silence, you replaced us, from my balance sheets, which you sent me almost finished, our web page where you read all the emails that the aah received.

You took over while the rest of us forgot or didn't have time. You taught us that each new patient who came along needed the support and advice of those of us who had already traveled the path, the organization of the WhatsApp group of moms that you looked askance at every day.

Always in the shadows, you were aware of everything, of the frightened, of the heartbroken, and you cried with each histi-warrior that left us.

The doctors with whom you knew how to talk so that they understood the position of the patients and of the parents, both positions that you knew how to interpret to help both.

The adult patients and the parents and the little ones who are already growing and who always admire you, now we wonder how we can continue this task that you started... and it is difficult for us because we feel that we do not even reach the sole of our shoes. But for you, for all the effort you put into doing everything you did, without a doubt always thinking of others more than your tiredness or your pain, and for the desire and joy you put into taking care of your other daughters... fadepof and aah…we cannot fail you and we have to continue with your work.

It probably wont turn out so well at first. We will not be able to remember even a small part of the names of all the people, doctors, parents, officials, laboratories... with whom you contacted throughout your journey and who you remembered down to the most hidden detail. Yes, we didnt even get to your shoes but we have to start taking our steps alone and learning, as you told me many times, on the go because the experience had been given to you by the years of traveling with the aah.

I want to believe that you are going to be with your little eyes looking at us from above and I would not be offended if you give us a corrective if we mess up.

I promise and I believe that each one of us will undoubtedly do our best to honor you and I believe that this is the best tribute we can give you... continue with your task and take care of this association that you created with so much love.

Your family AAH

September 18, 2018

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