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Argentine Association of Histiosis

Welcome to the website of the AAH – Argentine Association of Histiocytosis.

Histiocytosis is one of the diseases considered rare (EPOF).

From the AAH we assume the commitment to help Child and Adult Patients, who, like us, suffer from this disease.

More than twenty years ago, parents of patients with histiocytosis, adult patients with histocytiosis and its founder, the accountant Ana Maria Rodriguez (RIP), decided that in order to help new patients we should prepare ourselves to transmit our experience and share everything we had learned. knowing that this would not cure the disease, but that the new families would have a place to obtain the much-awaited information and would meet people who were on the same road.

In the year 2000, the Association was created with the hope of being a meeting point for all patients and their families and a joint work space where patients, family members, health professionals and World Associations seek alternatives to improve quality of life of the patients.

There are many pending subjects, among them the creation of Reference Attention Centers, Forums, Containment Workshops, Orientative Talks, but we know that together we can achieve it.

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Histiocytosis WORLDWIDE

We have the support of Associations in other countries that, like us, group Histiocytosis patients and Doctors to help them go thru the disease.

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Companies that collaborate

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